K.ESS is a versatile singer with a fresh R&B sound, available for shows Australia-wide. She blends her soulful tones with a touch of her urban swagger, and performs as a duo/trio or with a full band, covering all the R&B classics and latest hits.
    K.ESS is the definition of a true R&B/neo-soul artist.  As a singer and songwriter with a fresh sound, K.ESS is most celebrated for her honest lyrics, captivating melodies and soulful vocals.

Influenced by music greats such as Sam Cooke, Etta James, Al Green, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson; K.ESS developed a passion for music at four years old. During her teens, she gravitated toward the sounds of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Alicia Keys. Today, K.ESS is greatly inspired by Frank Ocean, Drake, SZA and Miguel.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, K.ESS was raised with traditional Greek values and Indian culture in the south-eastern suburbs. Being biracial, she embraced growing up in a diverse and ethnic community. Early on, K.ESS learnt to be comfortable in her own skin and is unapologetic for being different. With her exotic beauty mixed with her urban style, it's no wonder why K.ESS makes a statement.

K.ESS has been described as sounding like Mariah Carey for her sweet, whispery singing style; Alicia Keys for her power; and Rihanna for her edge and rhythmic vocal ability. Her soulful tones have also been compared to Alessia Cara with her vocal acrobats comparable to Beyoncé. In spite of comparisons, K.ESS has developed her own sound, blending her honeyed voice with her velvety resonance.

With her bold approach to her artistry, K.ESS has the knack of painting colours with her voice. Using her raw emotions together with her abstract lyrical compositions, she has that unique ability to captivate and transport listeners to the highest levels of consciousness.

Whatever happens, K.ESS will continue to express her true self and keep it 100% soulful! With her zest for life and creativity, K.ESS is destined to become the next global music sensation.


K.ESS is a Melbourne singer and songwriter with a fresh and smooth R&B sound. She is a talented vocalist supported by her effervescent band. Together, they bring a vibrant array of thick experimental hip hop beats mixed with the sweet sounds of neo-soul. They are renowned for instantly capturing the audience with a blend of cool R&B and soulful tunes.

K.ESS also performs as an acoustic duo or trio, covering the hottest hits by Drake, Miguel, Rihanna (and many more). With her soothing voice, she is guaranteed to enrapture crowds and transport them to the highest state of consciousness.

Her silky-smooth tone has been described as a mix of Alessia Cara, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys. Without a doubt, crowds can expect K.ESS to fuse her soulful sounds with a touch of her urban swagger.

At just 22 years old, K.ESS released her debut single "Super girl", and received airplay on national radio. Her 2013 EP titled "Dear Diary (prelude)" was an open book to her personal life experiences. The material was raw, honest and relatable; and landed her a recording deal with music publishing with BMG. 

Based on your event's requirements, K.ESS can incorporate her original music into her performance. She is well-known for mashing up the old with the new, giving it a salacious modern twist.

With past performances across Melbourne’s live music venues, K.ESS has also performed live at a range of festivals and private events. Her performances have been flawless, showcasing her versatility and natural ability to sing from the heart.

Although she keeps it simple, K.ESS is an exciting and likeable artist to watch and listen! She humbly lets the music do all the talking.

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